In order to get to the heart of Montenegro you shall have to try the specialties of the national cuisine. The diversity of Montenegrin nature and the ethnographic diversity have left a trace on Montenegrin cuisine. Whether you are dining at your friend's, in an authentic Montenegrin home, or in some restaurant, you shall be cordially welcomed.

Food and drink


The cult of hospitality

Montenegrins are good and generous hosts.
When expecting a guest, according to an old time custom, as a sign of hospitality they open wide the door or the gate. They offer to the guest the best food and drink they have in the house, reserve for him the best place at table and do their best to make his stay in their home as comfortable as possible.

If you know where somebody lives in Montenegro, you can guess what s/he eats. Cuisine succumbs to the relief and takes what the nature has to offer.
Culinary art of Montenegro blends in the best possible way the gifts of the Mediterranean and the treasures of the mountains from the north.
It is faithful to tradition, and yet open to experiment.

You will find the basic European cuisine in restaurants, but what you should try by all means is: lamb or kid’s meat under sac, pivski kajmak (special milk cream from Piva), clear fish soup and boiled fish, fried carp and smoked bleak.

Then pour wine Vranac

or Krstac on it all, have something sweet like cheese cake, peach or water melon; then relax in the afternoon with Nikšicko beer, and in the early evening invigorate yourself with grape brandy, along with smoked ham, goat cheese and tomatoes.

If you opt for a slap up dinner you can add some surmuletts in the frying pan or a grilled greater amberjack.

You do not skip breakfast in Montenegro,
lunch is the main meal,
and dinner the most ceremonious one.