Hibernating, long time vacation in Montenegro

The usual fall and winter weather in Germany with darkness, cold, snow and continuous rains isn't everyone's thing. Why so not simply escaping from the cold season? Straight unbound persons in the retirement age recognize more and more the solution for the wintry atmosphere depression (winter depression) in a journey to the south. You hibernate in the mild Mediterranean climate without snow and minus degrees with a plus of well-being and good mood. About half a million Germans turn the back on the winter for more than two month.

It already drew the nobility middle and Northern Europe and Russia in the winter months to this Mediterranean 150 years ago. Nowadays this isn't a privilege of the rich men any more. Hibernating at the Mediterranean can be cheaper, as the stay at home. A long stay abroad offers the chance besides the agreeable effect for bodies and mind to get to know a strange culture more exactly. As a rule, the people are franker in the host country, if the tourist hurly-burly is reduced to a minimum, and deeper insights into the life of the natives make conversations possible into cafés, restaurants, on the market or on the beach in the winter months. The opportunity to meet interesting people and to find perhaps new friends isn't a topic only for singles. Prerequisite is, however, a certain degree of openness so that one feels also comfortable in the new surroundings chosen. Besides the organizational questions the partnership and personal changes also don't have to be underestimated.

For couples means this, themselves during the vacation considerably more intensively with each other to be able deal or to "have to" when it is usually the case also because one is more than instructed in the familiar surroundings on each other. And: The danger that one is grabbed by the homesickness some time also should be recognized in the front-end.

Even experienced long time vacationists report of this.

Are you equal to these requirements? Check yourself.

Straight Montenegro with his protected bays around Kotor and Tivat offers a pleasant stay without hustle and bustle and this at unchallenged prices.

The native population is friendly towards guests and open-minded.

As a guest these behave how almost everywhere in the world have people, not the least problems quite particularly not in Montenegro.

You are in surroundings with a long historical tradition.

Serbian/montenegrinisch are national language but English and German one also can manage.

Legal payment is the . All prices on the market or in a shop are excellent in .

You regulate the journey individually. We also can arrange a flight or coach tour on request, however.

Ask your sick person insurance for a foreign health insurance certificate.

German stations have of course to be received.

Of course one also can do something: Walks, excursions, cycle tours, inspections and a much different one more.

Therefore boredom isn't announced.

As hotels these could be recommended to Palma and Pine in the center of Tivat particularly.

For health-conscious guests the Vrmac is a quiet tip. A health center is attached for this hotel. Specialists take care of the visitors from different branches here. Of the hotel Vrmac the historical old town can be fast reached by Kotor by bus.

Please gather details from the individual hotel descriptions.

The enormously reasonable prices of 650 full board per month, be able to ask us for them under the contact button.


If you must break off your stay for an urgent reason, you get the weeks not used up and paid already refunded. However, we are sure that you very much like it after very short one acclimatization time and you come back next year.