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Where is Montenegro?

Exotic landscapes are not always distant and unapproachable. In the heart of the Mediterranean, divided from Italy by the Adriatic sea, this small republic is waiting for you. This little known republic is only an hour flight from Rome or Budapest, one hour and a half from Zurich, and then your Montenegrin adventure can begin.


Come to escape the tempo of contemporary lifestyle and enjoy the natural beauty.

Make the most of your time and come to enjoy an abundance of experiences. Feel the adrenaline surge while rafting down the canyon of the Tara river, the deepest canyon in Europe.

Get accustomed to nature again in the virgin beauty of Biogradska gora, the last virgin forest in Europe. Feel the beat of Arcadian life in Kotor Bay, the southernmost fjord in the world and let something nice happen to you.

You can choose to explore one of 117 sandy beaches on the Adriatic sea, renaissance coastal towns or peaceful mountain scenes beside glacial lakes. Discover a part of the mystical formula, on which the unique seductiveness of Montenegro rests, when conquering the irresistible peaks of Durmitor mountain. Cruise along the largest lake and the biggest bird reservation in Europe - Skadar Lake. Experience the special dimension found in the particular combination of ethics and aesthetics which are the soul of Montenegro.

Montenegro is one of the last undiscovered secrets, the country whose vast natural and spiritual assets refuse to fit into any commercial pattern.


Challenge and exitement,adventure and love,is combination of incompatible and unbelievable,but it does exist-Montenegro is waiting for you.