In cooperation with the montenegrin tourism, traffic and Department of the Interior, the enterprise Ciclomont as well as the national cycling association under management of the president Branko Hajdukovic we can offer you training stays to very favorable conditions.

You find ideal training conditions in Montenegro. There are long increases for the intensive training or you can make also easy units in the coastal level in the different bays or in the flatter inland region.

Whether hobby rider, touristic, road, Master or MTB racer, for everybody the suitable training ways are available.

This supply appeals to athletes of all age groups.

You can ride delightful at bay of Kotor and look to the lovely views.

Make Kilometers in the level for the basis staying power.

K1-3 training on all possible grades up to such challenges like of sea-level to approx. 1200 m in a piece.

For racing cyclists also there are relatively good asphalt marked-out routes and for MTB rider hard gravel pistes.

For the check of the training condition the cycling association offers the guests the possibility of the participation in RTF or road and MTB racing.

A washing possibility and a storage room is availably natural for the bikes.

"Unathletic" escorts don't need to bore themselves. Much can be done.

Woman, girlfriend or family is welcome to come along therefore.

Complete bunch. March 2004

Some minutes to the Start in Tivat. March 2004