Which would you prefer: sandy beach, pebble beach, or a rocky shore?

The Riviera offers all this in abundance, and the largest number of sunny days in a year.

The coast has seventy three kilometers of the most beautiful combination of sun, sea and land. One hundred and seventeen beaches offer you many choices.

Montenegro is a land of contrasts and natural beauty. The clear and clean Adriatic Sea combines with numerous beaches of sand, pebbles, or stones to create unique places. Some beaches are kilometers long or only a couple of tens of meters. Some are remote far from boarding places, or surrounded by settlements, or in front of a hotel. There are beaches in bays, on rocky shores, and near olive trees, fields or pine forests. Some have a view to the open sea, some are secluded in coves, some are equipped with all the accessories for a pleasant stay, while others are wild, intact, isolated, and accessible only by boat.

Climate: Mediterranean
Average air temperature: during the summer 27,40C
Maximum sea temperature: 27,10C
Average number of solar days per year: 180 days
Sea: Dark blue
Transparency: 38 to 56 m
Saltiness: 28 in Boka Kotorska Bay, 38 near Ulcinj
Average tide height: 31 cm
Height of waves: around 0.5 meters, waves over 2 meters high are rare.

There are 116 kinds of fish in the Adriatic Sea, a large number of different crab and shell.