The Vrmac Prcanj facility is situated at the most beautiful part of the Boka Kotorska bay, only 5 km off the ancient town of Kotor and 6 km from the Tivat International Airport. The tradition of the natural healing spot goes back to 1920. The climate if beneficial for patients with nonspecific pulmonary, allergic diseases and asthma. Vrmac itself and the town of Prcanj are also very convenient for family tourism.As early as 1920 Prcanj, the old settlement of marine captains was pronounced the climate health resort by a Decree of the Royal Government. This organizational unit is a multidisciplinary institution combining therapeutic services and tourism. It merged with the Institute in 1989. The capacity is 507 beds. The staff composed of 5 physicians, 11 physiotherapists and 18 nurses provide care to our patients.
The hotel has an about 1000 meter long gravel beach, indoor pool with seawater, sports courts, recreation rooms and 2 air-conditioned restaurants, capacity 460 guests.

Medical studies and research have shown that the climate of this part of Boka Kotorska bay is very specific, since it is a deep fiord, with steep mountain ridges of Lovcen and Orjen in the back, exceeding 2,000 meter altitude. The winds and air currents above the bay influence the plants and waters, and enrich the air with ions, primarily the halogen and other chemical substances contained in the seawater. Vapors of ethereal substances mixed with vapors of seawater enrich the atmosphere with minerals and ions. Their beneficial effect on the respiratory system has been medically recognized.

The seawater in the bay is classified in the classes I and II of cleanliness. The mean annual temperature of air in Prcanj is 15.2oC. July is the hottest month, with the average temperatures above 26oC. January is the coldest, with the average of 8oC.
Prcanj has about 260 sunny days per year, which makes it an attractive tourist destination in the summer and winter alike.

Vrmac facilities are used for hospital rehabilitation of patients suffering from coronary disease, hypertension as well as for rehabilitation after myocardial infarction. Rehabilitation in this institution is usually provided as a form of extended rehabilitation after the program implemented in the organizational units in Belgrade or similar institutions.
Vrmac facilities are also used for rehabilitation of adults and children suffering from acute and chronic pulmonary diseases.
The institution is equipped to enable rehabilitation of patients with rheumatic diseases of the joints and spinal column, as well as states after trauma (laser therapy, magnetotherapy, complete electrotherapy, infrared, ultraviolet radiation, bioptron, ultrasound therapy, kinesitherapy, thermo and hydrotherapy.